Alhaurín Golf Resort

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Alhaurín el Grande, Málaga, Costa del Sol, Spain

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Alhaurín Golf Resort

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3.20/5 - 5 reviews

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The golf club Alhaurín Golf Resort is located in Málaga, Costa del Sol, Spain. The club Alhaurín Golf Resort has one golf course with the nature of mountain and has views. Some of the golf club amenities are bar, buggy, cafeteria, driving range, golf acadamy, and much more.

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Golf Club Services

Driving Range
Golf Acadamy
Putting Green

Golf Club Location

Alhaurín Golf Resort

Golf Course Alhaurin Golf - 18 holes

This course is very technical and difficult but still very enjoyable to play.

Course character, Mountain.

Course nature, Difficult, Hilly, Narrow, Short.

Available Tee Times

Course: Alhaurin Golf

Green Fee Tee Time Players Avail
36,00 € 14:50 4
184,00 € 14:50 4
98,00 € 14:50 4
98,00 € 15:00 4
36,00 € 15:00 4
184,00 € 15:00 4

Editors Comments

Alhaurin golf is located in the mountains about 30 minutes from the coast. Here we find both a charming hotel and a challenging golf course. Many say it's difficult to play and you need bring a lot of balls with you when you play here, and certainly that truth is true.

The course is cramped and very hilly, and if you do not hit the fairway, take a provisional ball for the chance is small that you can find and play on the missed one. But if you play with your head and take a little shorter club then you can score good here. Many exciting holes that challenge and call for reflection. Think first and hit it later! Alhaurin has a very nice 9 hole course for training. Highly appreciated and often nice offers including lunch and green fee. Here, many beginners have started there golf carrier.
The restaurant is nice with good Spanish food and of course a good club sandwich. Sure one can walk, but not to recommend, take a buggy, usually it´s a package price.

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